Magnetron Sputtering Systems


Sputter - 16

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

Industrial Sputter

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

Sputter - Super
( Single Chamber )

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

Sputter - 24

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

Sputter - Super
( Load Lock )

Magnetron Sputtering Systems


Magnetron Sputtering Systems

UHV Twin Sputter Sputter - 12

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

Inline Sputter

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

12 inch semiconductor UHV Sputter System

Magnetron Sputtering Systems

UHV Sputter with high pressure rheed system for in-situ studies of sputtered films.

Single or integrated sputtering systems for your specific deposition requirements.
The equipment used rf and/or dc magnetron sources ,the size from 2 inch to 8 inches in diameter.

We can provide systems to handle wafers up to 300 mm in diameter, heating up to 800°c by resistance heater or 1000°c by laser heater, and rf bias.
This clust type Sputter is a 4 chamber magnetic sputter system, it has ion source for cleaning and co-sputtering in second and third chamber, the left side chamber is doing low temperature sputtering, it allow user make 10nm thickness film.

Major Applications

Key features

Focus To One Substrate

Face To Face (Confocal Type)

The magnetron sputtering system is a type of physical vapor deposition.

In Magnetron Sputtering Deposition the coating/target material are placed on a magnetron cathode.
The chamber is evacuated at ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) condition to reduce impurities and to ensure pure coating process.
Then the chamber is back-filled with the process gas (usually Ar).

Electric potential is then applied between the target material and the substrate, which will then cause free electrons to accelerate, while magnetic fields from the magnetron will confine the electrons near the target.
The electrons will then collide with the process gas creating a positively charge ions.
Some ions recombine with the electrons, light will be emitted as can be observed by the plasma glow.
On the other hand, some of the ion will accelerate towards the target and sputter off its surface atoms.
The sputtered atoms will then travel towards the substrate forming thin-layer film.
Magnetron Sputtering require precise pressure control (i.e control of the vacuum pump system, and control of in-flow of process gas) in order to maintain the plasma glow and sufficient amount of ions to sputter the target atoms.

AdNaNoTek's Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System has reliable vacuum pump system and software controlled Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) to ensure these required criteria. FBBear system control software can control the process gas rate, pump intake, exhaust in order to maintain sufficient amount of ions to sputter the target atoms.

Thin Film deposition by Adnano-tek UHV Sputter

Graphene Application

Graphene Application AFM Result

Nb film Superconduct testing 8.3k

Nb Sputter Deposition

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