E-Beam Evaporation System

Electron beam evaporation 【e-beam】is a proven deposition technique for creating dense, high-purity coatings.

We provide wide range E-beam Evaporation, They fit different customer’s needs.
For example, Some customers request LN2 cooling substrate, some need laser heating for high temperature application, some need substrate tilted angle with rotation, some wish Oxygen compatibility, Please contact us for detail information.
We have solutions and fit all your needs.

EBS - 150

E-Beam Evaporator System

EBS - 300

E-Beam Evaporator System

EBS - 150 uhv

E-Beam Evaporator System

JEB2 Cryo

E-Beam Evaporator System

EBS Mini

Glove Box and E beam

E-Beam Evaporator System

Tilted EBS - 150

E-Beam Evaporator System

Electron Beam Evaporator System

AdNaNoTek’s Electron Beam Evaporator (EBE) can deposit large-scale thin-film with extremely high quality and a great repeatability. It is equipped with single or dual e-beam sources.
Each e-beam source can accommodate up to 6 crucibles with desired target materials. System equipped with two e-beam sources can provide simultaneous deposition of two materials on the same substrate.
In comparison with resistively heated sources, with e-beam source it is possible to achieve deposition of materials with high melting point.
In addition, our EBE systems are equipped with sample planetary mechanism, which simultaneously rotates and revolves multiple samples around vertical axe.
This allows precise and simultaneous deposition on multiple substrates while significantly improving the uniformity and quality of the deposited thin-film.”
Furthermore, precise control and high stability is achieved by making the process automated with the use of the AdNanoTek's FBBEAR system control software. FBBEAR, provides complete data logging, precise parameter tuning, and automatic parameter setting of the deposition process.
This makes the deposition process to be operated with ease, fully automated, user-friendly, consistent, and will give reliable experimental repeatability.
E-beam evaporator could be applied to deposition wide range of materials like:
metals (Al, Nb, Ta, Ni, Mo and others), elemental semiconductors (Si, Ge), oxides (HfO2, Sc2O3, Ta2O5, Al2O3, SiO2 and others) and multiple alloys.


AdNanoTek's Dual E-beam Evaporator fabricated 4-inch Ti thin-film with high degree of homogeneity, and uniformity of ±1.7%.
AdNanoTek's E-beam system is equipped with substrate planetary manipulator which revolve and rotates multiple sample.
This allows precise and simultaneous deposition of thin film in multiple substrates, while significantly improving the uniformity and quality of the deposited thin-film due to the revolution and rotation motion.
AdNanoTek's FBBear system control software can allow fine tuning, recording and automatically setting of the parameters to be used in the deposition process.
This makes the deposition process fully automated, user-friendly and consistent.
In Electron Beam Evaporator (EBE), high-energy electron beam is generated from tungsten filament, while electric and magnetic field direct these electrons towards the target material to heat up the surface of the target.
Electron beam position can be confirmed visually to ensure that the electrons bombard the target in the correct location.
Upon heating up the target, the vapor pressure of the target increases hence evaporating the surface atoms. The vapor will then travel and condense on the substrate forming thin-layer film.
E-beam Evaporator has many advantages than resistive thermal evaporation, although it is a thermal evaporation process available in two different configurations.
10 inch Heater element, with 8 inch wafer
23cm Manipulator
Very Small Beam Spot




This JEB-2 is 3 chambers design include a standard load lock chamber, UHV sputter deposition chamber and E-beam source under sputter chamber,  Sputter chamber include Oxidation and milling and sputter process.
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