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Profession In Chambers Design And Fabrication

Product In Design Stage

Product's Fabricated

Adnano-tek Uhv Design & Components Division

​is profession in UHV chamber design and problem solving.
Starts with requirements from customers, our engineering team design base on the requirements and make the prints for the final confirmation.

Our engineering team is expert to make the specification for the chamber fabrication, give the best options for the geometry design and welding procedures.
​ We provide our standard design chambers and customize chambers.

High Quality Material in Vacuum Chambers

AdNaNo-Tek provide high quality SS316L sheet metal and SS316LN CF flanges for the chamber fabrication.
Please contact us for the further information.

Chamber with aluminium rack

Chamber with cooper cooling tube

Small Tube Chamber

Fabrication Capabilities

14 Ways Cross (standard Loadlock)

Specification Options
Size Options
Tube OD: 6"
Material Options
SS304L & 316L

Spherical Chamber

Specification Options
Size Options
Spherical Body: 12" & 18"
Material Options
SS304L & 316L

Box Chamber

Specification Options
Size Options
500mm x 750mm

500mm x 1,000mm

750mm x 1,000mm
Material Options
SS304L, SS316L & AL6061
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