​MBE - Control Software

Categories: Molecular Beam Epitaxy

​MBE - Control Software

FBBEAR software is a multi-functional software to control the whole MBE – 9 system, i.e. Manipulator rotation speed, heating program, target revolution, etc.

FBBEAR can control EUROTHERMO2408 to control, tune and save multi-PID parameters for laser/filament heater for the best accuracy of different substrate temperature requirements.

FBBEAR’s Deposition wizard make it hassle free to set, customize and save your experimental recipe and fully automatize the deposition processes. This also allows easy repetition of the deposition process having same experimental parameters. In addition, it also allows recording of data log in order to review past deposition parameters.

FBBEAR can monitor RHEED gun pattern in real-time.

FBBear can do data processing and analysis.

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